AMES is a non governmental organization dedicated to the development of community projects and social entrepreneurship, focused on vulnerable groups and their basic human rights. It was founded in January 2013.

Our activities are designed to help develop the potential of those who participate in our programs, helping them design and achieve their goals.


Our mission is to promote social entrepreneurship projects at the community level, spreading its characteristics in order to become an innovation source for these type of projects.

Our activities

We promote community participation

Social Entrepreneurship and Human Development

Workshops focused on human development and social entrepreneurship. Also, coaching that help youth and other vulnerable groups facing barriers to employment insert themselves in the current workplace.

Healthy Mexicans

A program aimed to generate a new attitude, abilities and habits in people that will help them face chronic degenerative diseases and their consequences, keeping or recovering an excellent quality of life, based on education and specialized training.

Empathy towards physically challenged individuals

Through this initiative, a blindness simulator that was installed on a museum in order to raise awareness about legally blind people and their needs, as well as the creation of paying jobs for them.

Sports and new masculinities

 Workshops intented to increase awareness about violence against girls and women, along with sports activities. 

Social Entrepreneurship Association of the State of Mexico has the vision of creating projects that benefit the communities, focusing on the creation of innovative projects, enhancing and promoting the concept of social entrepreneurship.

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